Our Simulators

Redbird MCX.

Flybest Flight Academy has the latest product of RedBird Flight Simulation, the new MCX. The new MCX has dual yoke and rudder controls for multi engine and Crew Resource Management training, and allows for quick-change cockpit from single to multi-engine aircraft and vice versa. The student has the opportunity for an additional optional course introduction to multi-engine theory and operation procedures. It won’t be long until Flybest acquire CPL Multi-Engine training.

Klik link berikut jika Anda tertarik mencoba simulator MCX di kegiatan: Digital Flight Adventure

Redbird TD2.

We are also equipped with the Red Bird TD2 which are table mounted flght training devices that are designed with the ergonomics of flght in mind. These simulators are designed to be used for instrument and emergency procedures.

How can we assist you?

Head Office
Gedung Edu Center R201-202
Jl. Sekolah Foresta Kavling II no. 8
Pagedangan, Tangerang 15318

Tel (+62)21 3001-0825

Email admission@flybest.co.id

Operation Base
FlyBest Hangar at
Hang Nadim International Airport,
Nongsa, Batu Besar - Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29466
Operation Office
Mega Techno Citi (MTC) AG-01,
Nongsa, Batu Besar - Batam, Kepulauan Riau 29466

Tel (+62)778 7760-221

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